Seizing Today

Even though there are good prompts today I’m inspired to be in the moment and just write. I’m feeling pretty good for no particular reason other than its a sunny day and a murder of crows is coming in to check out the bird/ squirrel feeding platform.

They fly in from the woods and perch in the trees. A few will go down to the ground and pick out some corn while others stay perched, keeping an eye on me. I swear; they do! If I go to the window they will warn the others and they’ll all fly off, squawking.

There’s a bright, blue sky, crisp and cold. Yep, still no propane. I phoned this morning at 8:05 to see if they had the extra money I had sent. ‘No, it’s not in their account yet.’  I assured them I sent the rest but she said, “We’ll let the driver know when the money comes into the account”. But will she remember to check?  (I hate them)

But I’m not going to let those mo’ fo’s get me down. I have my wood stove and all available electric heaters going full tilt. It’s up to 20 C already. There’s no wind and the sun’s coming in so its warming up nicely.

Yesterday I had some rest; by the time I shovelled and brought in firewood I could only melt into my couch. It stayed cloudy but I still worked on the jigsaw, had a nap and went to Zumba last night. I always feel better when I go to Zumba and it lasts into the next day. (I wasn’t very good: flopped around like a petulant teenager but at least I did it)

So today I’m broke and my feet are cold but I’m still feeling good. Payday is tomorrow so my coffers will be filled. I have food and alternate heat sources.  The squirrels are chasing each other and the crows are complaining. I love them all.

One thing about the sun shining is seeing dusty messes and sooty cobwebs that have been hidden in the gloom of winter. It looks like a set in a Tim Burton movie.

I have to get off this computer and down to the sunny, warm end of the house. I’m Carping this Diem!

carpe diem