“In The Spring”

Find a piece of art that inspires you, and write about what you see.

W. P. # 27 Write about a work of art that inspires you.

The painting hanging on my living-room wall jumps to mind right away.

005 I took this photo last week for a writing prompt about saving your favourite things from a fire. It would be top-of-the-list.

So many things about it inspire me; I still look at it and admire it, unlike other things on my wall that I never look at unless they are dusty.

It was meant to come to me.  It belonged to a friend of my sister whose apartment I visited and it was the first thing that struck me when I walked in.

“I love that painting!” I exclaimed. There was a lot of other beautiful art objects and photographs but that painting really drew me in.

A couple of years later he passed away. His family was taking almost everything but asked my sister if she wanted anything in particular. I just happened to mention I had liked that painting but knew his family would be taking everything of value. A few weeks later my niece showed up with that painting.  (and a mirror the perfect size I needed for my bathroom.)

I had just bought my house with the settlement from my separation and the walls were bare. My husband kept all our ‘stuff’ and that was fine with me: I was happy to start anew. Most of the money went to buy the house so I wasn’t in any position to be buying art.

It was the perfect colours for the walls I had just painted. But then, it was all about what I liked now, and those colours attracted me. It was about creating a healing environment for myself.

When I look at it, it reminds me there is a time and place where there is peace and tranquility. It makes the monkey-mind stop chattering for a few seconds and remember to be right where I am and relax.

Also, it’s innocent. It’s from a time when a woman’s body was revered and had to earned; deserved. Just the glimpse of an ankle could give a guy a boner. But he would never kick her under the table and say, “I’ve got a boner.”

It’s not an original although it looks like it has brush strokes and not like a print; there’s a fancy name for that…. I forget.

I looked on line and found the original:

in the spring orig


It inspires me again today in a different way. For couple of days I’ve been fretting about driving in wicked winter weather.  Yesterday I worked on ‘cash’ in a grocery store that was busy with people stocking up for the Superbowl and a Superstorm.  It all ended shortly before kick-off and the winds blew up.  They let me go an hour early but still, the drive home was harrowing. Off the highway, on my road, I had to bash through snowdrifts: lucky I wasn’t out there an hour later!

This is what I woke up to this morning;


So the painting inspires me that spring will come. There will come a time when it’s so sunny out we’ll want to sit in the shade and just laze on the porch surrounded by fragrant flowers, sipping on tea….. or something.

I’m glad it isn’t the original because I would have to struggle with selling it. I’ve often wondered….  “at what price would I give it up?”