It Was Alright!

Yesterday I wrote about not wanting to go into work because of the blowing snow and a wind chill of -21C. I phoned in that I would be late then phoned in again that I would be even later.

There were bands of snow that would break open to sunshine then a minute later be swirling, snowy white-outs.

I was tired of being anxious and tracking the radar so I finally left about 10:30.

It was rough going, at first, as the highway by me is flanked by fields so the snow blows straight across the roads. Further up the road is lined with trees so it wasn’t so bad. The plows, and sander/salters were out.

It turned out to be a good day.  No one cared I was late as there were already 3 people on in the bakery. It worked out better for them because I stayed later giving my co-worker a chance to go home an hour early and my boss extra time for a break. He was doing a 16 hour day….. and he was in a good mood! go figure.

He’s training me on ‘breads’ (I do cakes) and was remarkably patient and nice; not his usual demeanor.

A good looking man who works in another grocery store was shopping in my store and said ‘hi’ to me.  I was suddenly an adolescent; ‘He said Hi to me!!’

The drive home was blowy but the sun was setting turning all the snow into a golden haze…… it was surrealistic! I felt joy….. seriously, joy!  I did good job, made it home again and experienced Beauty.

Today I’m in 11:00 to 5:00 ….. awesome hours! Time to write before I go in and now it’s still light out on the way home.

I made it through January!