Time to Think

Hhmmm….. I wonder what I would take if I was in a panic and had to decide right then and there , what 5 objects I would take.

Right now I’m at my computer drinking a coffee and have the day off.  What might be the 5 things I would take? Let’s see…. I’ll think about this while I sip on my coffee;

#1: cell phone  #2: pearls  #3: photos  #4: painting  #5: winter clothing which I would put on. (it’s probably from the woodstove so it will be cold outside.)

Well, that took a few sips.  Maybe I could think clearly enough if there was a fire and I could run around the fire and collect my stuff. But more than likely I would get dressed, run outside then cry all the things I should have saved.


You know, I might just thank this prompt one day because now I will already know what to grab…. as long as I can think clearly.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

4 thoughts on “Time to Think

  1. My jumpdrives with my writing, my purse, my cell phone, grab Franklin the turtle out of his tank and hope he doesn’t bite!, and my kindle! got to have those books! 😉 ~Elle

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