A Mountain of Wood

What was the last picture you took? Tell us the story behind it. 


I took this picture yesterday to put on Facebook but forgot about it until I saw this prompt.

In fact; I wasn’t going to write today because I’m excited about putting it away. I really like doing firewood; just chipping away at the pile a few hours at a time is tremendously satisfying.

A huge dump truck backs down my drive and dumps it at the end. The woodshed is on the other side of the house in a sheltered spot that gets sun and is close  to the back door so I can bring it in without going through my living-room.

I’ve been 3 months on a waiting list for these; hardwood trimmings from a local mill. There are small pieces and large chunks; great for burning along with larger firewood.  I was hoping it would come before the snow but snow can be brushed off if it’s cold. It was delivered on a biting cold day but the next day thawed and called for rain. That’s the worst because it will get wet then freeze and be really hard to dry. So I went out that evening and got a huge tarp over it in the wind.  (I’m ept!)

A lot of people who live around here would just leave it out to get covered in snow and bring it in as they need it. Slackers.

Before it snows I use a wheel barrow. I dump three loads into the side then stack it. When there’s snow I use a toboggan and drag it;  a lot more work but great exercise. Today there is not much snow and it’s icy so I don’t know which method I’ll use.

This must be so boring for readers but not for me so I’m going to get dressed, have some oatmeal (with maple syrup, of course) and move some slabs! How’s that for Canadian!

I talked about my love of firewood in one of my first blogs, if you care to read it; it has a photo of my woodshed, too.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Moment in Time.”

6 thoughts on “A Mountain of Wood

  1. I take pics all the time to post on Facebook then forget to do it. That’s a lot of wood to move! Yes, good exercise. I should help – but too far to commute! 😉 ~Elle

  2. I like your post for two reasons: the brevity; you got your point across without rambling all over God’s Green Acres, and the energy in your writing (in yourself, too, I suppose). *I also like wood but that’s my preference, not your post*
    I ad-libbed my own aromatic sensations to your post, hope you don’t mind 😉

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