A Different Life

It’s Friday night. You’re home alone.

This prompt reminds me of how different my life is than the ‘average’ life. It also has that irritating premise that everyone works Monday to Friday 9-5 and has friends and a social life.

TGIF is a popular term but if you are going to enjoy your weekend then just think about all the people who are working at stores, restaurants, theatres and bars. Cops, librarians and countless others work on weekends to make your weekend ‘a great experience’. (Our mission statement at Sobeys)

It’s Friday and I’m working tonight 5:00 to 9:00.  The sun is setting when I go in because it’s January which makes it extra depressing to go into work. When I have to work at night I’m like a little kid crying, ‘I don’t wanna go’ but once I get in under the blaring fluorescent lights and ‘popular’ music, I get into my routine and I’m OK.

If I wasn’t working Friday night I would be home alone and watching TV.  I’m a 62-year-old homebody and haven’t made any really good friends in the 7 years I’ve lived here. There are three woman in my neighbourhood who get together for ‘girls night’ every Friday and post their fun on Facebook the next day. I’ve never been invited. It hurts a little but then I remember that I don’t drink, which is the basis of their ‘fun’, and I’ve heard them all say nasty things about each other to me. Not missing much. Even if they did ask me, I’d be groaning that I didn’t want to go but I better get ‘out there’.

But tonight I’m working. It’s a four-hour shift which means I’ll make $44 dollars for all my efforts. The night shift at the bakery is cleaning and doing all the dishes. We still call them dishes when actually they are large baking trays, muffin trays and all the scoops, spoons, knives, spatulas and the like. All work counters are sterilized, bread slicing machine cleaned, floors swept and mopped, garbage taken away…… there’s more but I know its boring. My point is; people work hard behind the scenes in ways many overlook or take for granted.

I’ll get home tonight around 9:30. I started programming my heat to come on before I get home because it makes me feel happier to come home to a warm house. When I take off that uniform and put on my pajamas it’s a sensual delight.

If I was home all night, every night, I’d be depressed. When I come home from work I feel happy and proud that I can do this. I appreciate my home, heat and TV so much more!

So don’t cry for me, all you average and normal people. Just be cognizant of the people who are still working around you. Smile at that cashier, tip the people who serve you…… and enjoy your weekend.


One thought on “A Different Life

  1. Thats a thought about being depressed if you were home every night instead of working a few. Thats the bright side! Those are all the dishes I don’t like to wash though! Haha. ~Elle

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