A Shoe In India

I’m using this prompt and if I don’t get as many views, so be it;

Write about a shoe.

One shoe jumps to mind immediately. The shoe that stayed in India.

I loved those shoes. Black leather with flaps and a cool buckle on the side. They fit so perfectly, soft and comfortable: they were silent when I walked.

We were warned to lock all our luggage but there was no way to lock the side pockets of my backpack. “Who would steal one shoe?” I thought naively.

Luckily, both shoes made it to my destination. I must have packed them going there or just been lucky. But on my way home, somewhere on a crowded train platform, someone opened a side pocket and took a shoe out.

They didn’t bother with the other side. My guess is they just tossed it in disgust.

It was really hard to throw out that other shoe, as if it could replicate or call to its mate far away, lying on a train track in India.

This is me, many years ago, in India wearing both shoes. (I cut out my ex husband so I can still like the photo)


I don’t know who the guy is; he just wanted his picture taken with us.

Attachment; it’s insidious.


I just went to WordPress Daily Prompt and found I can use this for both prompts!


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