Sailors Delight

Living on the eastern shores of Lake Huron we get some beautiful sunsets. ‘My Pictures’ is full of them. But the very best one I’ve ever experienced I have no photo of. There was one but I couldn’t wouldn’t share. (wish I had it now, but it was in a computer I didn’t back up)

First of all, it was a brand new camera that I was just learning how to use. Secondly, there was a good chance I was maybe just a little high that day.

It was dusk when I walked into the living room and gasped: the whole sky was blazing red!  At first I thought the house in front of me was on fire but it was the WHOLE sky glowing crimson!

I grabbed my camera and took a few photos then just stood in wonder as it darkened to purple and dusk set in.

I should’ve gone outside but I wanted to show it from my living-room as I was experiencing it; basking in the aura. In hindsight, I sure wish I’d stepped outside and taken one but hindsight’s the best sight.

When it was over I checked the photo. The flash had been on. The main subject of the photo was the refection of the flash on the ‘invisible’ film of plastic used to keep the drafts out. This was outlined by freshly painted, bright white semi-gloss window frames. Behind all that you could make out some red/pink colour.

I’ve been waiting five years for a sunset that good again.

Sorry, no photo.


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