Poor, Lucky Me

I miss the old Daily Prompts. I joined a new prompt site but todays was describing a blind date. I’ve never been on a blind date.

So I guess I’ll just ramble on the theme of this blog which is trying to get by on my own, work and keep care of a house. So far, so good. It’s not easy and I really would rather be retired with money but then…. who wouldn’t?

That’s what I always bounce back and forth with. Poor me having to work part time for minimum wage to try and keep my house and car. But then, lucky me, I have a house, a car, a job and nobody to answer to or worry about.

I’ve been off work for 5 days now. I was only scheduled for Sunday and Wednesday in the bakery, no cash. However, on Wednesday we had major snow squalls so I called in.

It was bitterly cold and windy. The windy roared around the house, whipping snow around in little tornadoes. When it’s like that I feel so lucky to be in a warm home. Another thing to work for: I had the woodstove hot as hell but still had to keep the furnace going. It costs a lot of money to stay warm. I’ve almost been through $325 of firewood and have to order more. It costs $250 to fill up the propane tank (that’s cheap; last year it went up to $400)  and it looks like I might use this tank up in one month with these temperatures.

This week I worked 5 hours: that’s $55. I can’t afford to stay home.

Another problem is that I don’t know when I’m in again; haven’t been there all week so I don’t know next weeks schedules. I have to phone in and ask someone from two different departments to go check my schedule.

The upside; Yesterday was OK, although incredibly cold, so I went into Forest (not the town I work in) to visit my grandnephew and play then pick up some more groceries. Today it’s blowing around but I’m in and cozy again. I love this! If only I could afford it! The cold and snow isn’t that bad if you can stay home, lounging in compfy clothes, watching movies or doing a jigsaw puzzle.

It’s having to go out to work, wearing polyester under layers of insulation and driving on treacherous roads that’s awful! A hot flash under those conditions is torture…. and it’s going to happen.

Oh well, I don’t have to go today. Today I’m cozy and the sun is out! With the snow reflecting the light, it’s not even gloomy! The sun is slowly starting to inch it’s way back up above the line of cedars along my driveway. There’s a space between two cedars that lets the sun shine through onto my couch around 1:30. I will be there.

First I have to phone and find out when I’m going in again, then I’m going to dust off one of those jigsaw puzzles. Thanks to having that job I can relax worry-free today.

Poor, lucky Me!