Eating My Words

Yesterday I posted about working New Year’s Eve; specifically working the afternoon with two bitchy people. Today I’m eating my words: they were awesome!

They were in a good mood and joking around. My cake counterpart even complimented me on how well I kept things stocked up.

My boss said the owner was prepared to close at 6:00 if there weren’t any customers so ‘be ready’. Then they helped clean! I did the dishes and cut up stale bread for bread crumbs while they cleaned and took out garbage. By the time they left at 5:00 most of the work was done.

At 6:00 there were still customers in the store. The owner came by the bakery and asked how it was doing. I said I was done and he said I could go!

So I take back all the bad things I said about them: they’re great! I can take their bitchiness: they are ALRIGHT.

No one that worked there was going on to a party. “I won’t see midnight” was what I heard the most. The lingering customers certainly didn’t look like party people.

I feel really good today. I’m going to take down the Christmas ornaments and decorations and bring in a new year.

Not everything gets put away; a pine (fake) bough with white lights stays above the cupboards, that’s still winter decoration. And I’m leaving up my white outside lights, taking away the lit candy cane only, because it’s prettier to come home to than a desolate porch light. I’ll take them down when the sun starts setting at a reasonable time.

The naked tree stays up for a few days so I can collect fir needles for the pot on my wood stove. I put on a thick shirt and my gardening gloves and knock off needles. It’s set up on a green round vinyl tablecloth making it easy to sweep up.

I’m rambling. Why am I writing this? oh yeah,……… my wonderful co-workers.

Also; todays prompt asked who or what we would rather be for a year and I couldn’t think of anything. I’m happy to be the crazy lady beating up her naked Christmas tree today.

My ex used to say;  “You sure can entertain yourself.”   Yes, I can!

Happy New Year, everyone!