Modern Spirituality

I recently saw a couple of very funny things on TV that weren’t meant to be funny at all. I have to admit to watching some very shallow, mindless TV shows but I enjoy making fun of shallow, mindless people in the privacy of my home.

One show is “The Great Christmas Light Fight”.  While I do like Christmas lights, these displays are over the top. They are pure Americana. Any Canadians doing this are participating in Americana, in my humble opinion, but I am fascinated by the work that goes into them and the final display.

The ones that really have me in awe, mouth hanging open, are the ones that incorporate Jesus into them.  One family sang, “Jesus is here!” with their hands held open while lights danced on their ecstatic faces.  Another had a long, arch over the whole display with “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” written in lights, flashing.

I wonder what Jesus would say?

The other incident was the reason I’m writing this post. (I’ve been chuckling to myself for a couple of days and need to share this with people who get it.)

It was on The Millionaire Matchmaker. (? Don’t ask me why I like to hate it…) This is a show about millionaires getting set-up by a matchmaker with attractive women who want to marry millionaires and they all get to be on TV so that ought to tell you something of their characters.

Two sat down for a get-to-know-you chat;

She: “I’m a very spiritual person.”

He: “You must be really proud of yourself!”

She: “I AM!”


Th..Th… That’s Spirituality, Folks!

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