Still Around

I’ve been getting a lot of hours at work the last couple of weeks so I’ve been going almost everyday. The prompts haven’t sparked much interest lately and I don’t have a lot of time to spend writing. Even now, it’s 9:46 a.m….. I need to do some housework before I go in this afternoon. I can only write in the morning; at night I like to be horizontal.

Yesterday I was off but I had to go to town to send off a parcel.  A few weeks ago I won an i-robot Roomba 880 vacuum cleaner, retail worth $700! The contest is with Canada Dry. I was hoping for the fridge, of course, or maybe the home entertainment centre but I had to win the robotic vacuum cleaner. I’d be a little embarrassed to win the Grand Prize; a trip to the set of Modern Family. I don’t watch it and Los Angeles isn’t my destination of choice by a long shot.

Happily, I sold the vacuum cleaner for $500!  Yesterday I drove it to the nearest Purolator depot…a 45 minute drive. Then I spent too much money at the SuperStore (but enjoyed it).  What a lucky break! Usually when I ask ‘The Universe’ for more money, I end up getting too many hours at work….. not what I had in mind.

This work marathon is ending in two days of ‘samples’. I’m going to stand for six hours for two days and give out samples. I have a feeling those are going to be looonng shifts.

So, I’m still around reading everyone’s stuff and waiting for something blog-worthy to write about. I have a great sense of relief that I have enough money but my place is getting messy. Today and tomorrow is the ‘closing’ shift ; 5:00 to 9:00 p.m. Not bad: it’s growing on me. I have all day to clean up and get ready. Going in as the sun is setting is the hardest part but once I’m there; it goes fast.

I’m adding a link to a very funny article I read this morning; nothing to do with this post but it’s just entertaining. I have lived in Vancouver and worked at a health food store so I sure know the types.

Keep on writing, everyone!