Little People: The Memegwesi

Someone very reliable told me this story that her cousin told her. I guess that’s third hand but it was her cousin.

My friend, Donna, grew up at Kettle Point First Nations Reserve.  She has some great stories about people who have seen and experienced things rooted in their myths and legends.

We were walking in the woods behind my house on The Dunes and Swales Trails when she told me this story:

Her cousin was walking through these woods when she saw a small man, not 3 feet high, dressed in buckskin. They were both surprised to see each other and froze. She was afraid because he was baring his teeth and seemed upset. The Little People are very careful about never being seen. He was so angry he took hold of a near-by tree and shook it violently. The sound he made was between a shriek and a growl. She turned and ran as fast as she could.

All the hairs on my body stood on end when she told me that story. Suddenly I felt as if we were being watched. I’ve long felt spirits in these woods that live behind my house but I never pictured them as little people.

I looked it up on Google and found the legends of the Memegwasi. They are said to live around the Great Lakes. I’m on Lake Huron.

I asked another native friend if he’d heard about them and he laughed. They knew about them as kids. He used to set up his little sister’s toy tea set in the back yard and when she got home he’d say, “The Memegwesi were here! You just missed them!”

Sometimes, when I feel something is present or watching from the woods, I wonder if they are real.


3 thoughts on “Little People: The Memegwesi

  1. Those little people used to live with the native indians 98+ Years ago they where healers, they traveled and laugh and play around, if you give them something good thing’s will happen to you!………. Three years ago they where running through the bushes in canada la ronge at 1:00am at night time laughing and running into the bushes laughing for some reason…..

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