Scared if they knocked!

No kids come to my house which is too bad because I love Halloween. I would have candy and be dressed in a scary costume to answer the door. I have  scary skull lights that play creepy organ music for no one but myself.

I’ve already polished off two big bags of Rockets because I know no one’s showing up. (You can only buy them this time of year.)

This is the second place I’ve lived that’s too far back from the road with a long, dark driveway. This road isn’t one you’d want your kids walking on;  long stretches of woods with no streetlights, the houses are far apart and there aren’t many kids around here. The kids that do live here go to town to trick or treat where the houses are close together, the streets are well lit and the people have more money/ candy.

So if some kids were walking on this road and walked down to my house; I’d already be scared! I ate all the candy!

3 thoughts on “Scared if they knocked!

  1. When my girls were young we lived way out and I had to take them to town to trick or treat! Now I’m in town and should have lots of treaters but – I won’t be home tonight! 😦 I’m going right now to buy me some candy though. Someone will eat it and it will probably be me!

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