The Noisy Fridge

The refrigerator; The prompt hit a sore spot today. Like the one you get on your tongue so you keep rubbing it on your teeth to feel the pain.

I live surrounded by woods on three sides and my lot is not on the road. Now that tourist season is over there is hardly any traffic so it’s very, very quiet.

I love it when the fridge stops for a few minutes. My ears relish the quiet like its the sound of heaven.  But then it kicks in, a soft roar with a little chug topped by a high-pitched note that pierces my ear drum.

I try not to pay attention but sometimes it’s impossible. It sits at the corner of my kitchen and hallway which seems to create the perfect acoustics to carry the sound down to my bedroom. Those dark nights of anxiety and hot flashes, when I can’t get to sleep, I can hear that damn fridge.

And it leaks. Water dribbles out of the bottom so I use a sponge/ cloth on the floor to catch it. It has to be changed everyday as it gets saturated.

One morning, after a sleep deprived night trying not to listen to my fridge and rushing making my lunch for work, I stepped on the sponge and felt that cold water squeeze through my toes and only clean socks.

I started to cry. I know, it’s only a wet sock, but it was the last sock straw.

I’m wearing this freaking polyester uniform, I’m tired, I’m old, my place is a mess; I want to stay home so much!

I lived through it. I wiped my eyes, pulled up my dirty socks and went to work.


Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must mention a dark night, your fridge, and tears (of joy or sadness; your call).

6 thoughts on “The Noisy Fridge

  1. My fridge isn’t as dark as my night two nights ago when the power went out. It’s white and a dinosaur and keeps on ticking. My only hope of replacing it with the sleek new stainless I have picked out will be when it kicks the bucket and it doesn’t look like that will be any time soon. It’s the last piece of the puzzle in my kitchen remodel and I have tears over this sometimes. (Does any of that make sense?) LOL!

  2. When those moments of tears come, we must let them flow but not for ever. You did it right Elle. You wiped your tears, got ready and went to work. We certainly would not do much in life if we waited only for great moments to act. A big lesson there.

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