Just Like Star Trek

Today’s prompt is perfectly timed for my ‘walk-off home run’; back against the wall, victory at the last minute.

I always say my life is just like Star Trek. Everything is falling apart and will blow up in 5…. 4….3….2….. pow! The shields kick in, warp speed returns and ….ffffffttt! We’re outa there and flying!

Sometimes I wonder if I have a lot of faith or I’m just living in fool’s paradise. Either way, it always works out in the end. All that anxiety didn’t change things one iota.

If you’ve ‘followed’ me for a while you know I have a rusty old car that needs to be replaced. I’ve been fretting over it giving me trouble in the dead of winter; hoping something will just ‘come up’. And it did.

My sister’s friend’s son is selling his 2006 Suzuki. It’s in great shape, safety checked has new snow tires and it’s a hatchback. (I love hatch backs)  Because they know me, (well, my sister) he will take monthly payments. It’s $1500.

Yes, that would qualify for a walk-off home run! I even went around with the victory arm raising when I got home!

Another crisis averted…… for now…….. stay tuned for the next exciting episode!


The World Series starts tonight! In your own life, what would be the equivalent of a walk-off home run? (For the baseball-averse, that’s a last-minute, back-against-the-wall play that guarantees a dramatic victory.)

3 thoughts on “Just Like Star Trek

  1. In true Star Trek fashion, (or maybe it’s more the Saturday serials in B&W) the ending leaves me waiting for the next show. Almost in that narrator overtone. That would be an interesting way to write a blog..

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