Happy Anniversary to Me

Yesterday I received a notice saying it was my first anniversary of blogging. I thought it would be interesting to go back and read my first post but got into doing the prompt and reading other blogs until I had to go back into the ‘real’ world.

I was anxious yesterday. I took my car into a local ‘trusted’ mechanic to assess it and tell me if I have to scrap it or not. The previous mechanic had scared me into believing the frame was rusted away but it still runs well. So I went for a second opinion which involved my sister driving me there, leaving it overnight and driving back the next day; a lot of driving for my sister who never complains and won’t take any gas money. She’s trying to figure out a way to give me her car!

Firewood has been on my mind.  I should have ordered it and started to stack it already. There is a little left from last year for these chilly mornings but I need two dump-truck loads of firewood to get me through until spring. I’ve been lying in bed at night trying to turn off my brain from juggling numbers and worrying if I have to get a new car.

So yesterday I started out with anxiety, fearing how much will it cost me to find out it’s a wreck. But instead I got the ‘miracle’ I’d wished for!  The mechanic told me it was very rusty but not dangerously rusty, runs well and will get me through the winter.

“AH! And how much do I owe you?”  He waved his hand, no charge!

I said “thank you” at least 5 times.

I floated back to my sister’s car who was waiting to hear the verdict. She shared my surprise and joy then handed me a cheque to cover for a load of firewood.  Gosh, I can’t tell you how relieved and grateful I am!  It was a happy anniversary!

This morning I thought I might re-blog my post on firewood. It was one of my first posts so it also gave me a chance to see how my writing had progressed. To my surprise the firewood post was exactly one year ago today. I corrected a few errors and added the photo which I couldn’t figure out at the time.


It made me feel a little nostalgic even though it’s only been a year. I love living by the seasons and having seasonal jobs. My mind has been on firewood because this is the time of year I do firewood. It gives me a sense of security and accomplishment. I love getting it, love stacking it, love the ritual of bringing it in and I love to burn it and poke at it.

In the post last year I was looking for a job; now I have one. That has relieved my anxiety compared to last year. I don’t have much money but at least it’s going to keep trickling in for now.

I always get by. A few months ago I really needed to come up with $600 for my house insurance and hoped for a miracle. I was thinking of winning lots of money but instead, I got a lot of hours at work due to the students leaving, worked my ass off, and made enough to pay the bill. It’s always going to be just enough but that’s OK.

It’s the little miracles like yesterday and the support of my sister that keeps me going. My car is OK! I’m ordering firewood and I’m only two weeks behind from last year. I’m  working 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. tonight, which is a drag, but at least I’m working!

Here is the link to my Happy Anniversary Post;


2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to Me

  1. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on your car. “Not dangerously rusty” made me laugh…adjusting standards to dangerous vs. non-dangerous…well, it makes life interesting doesn’t it?

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