I Like Crazy.

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” — Allen Ginsberg

I’ve been pondering on this ‘inner moonlight’. The light that shines in the darkness of our minds is not a real light but merely a reflection of the light of our soul. “Howling at the Moon” is for those who don’t understand where the light is coming from. Stand in your own light and let it shine!

It’s funny how people who say and do whatever they want appear a little crazy. When we were young we cared so much about ‘fitting in’ and not looking weird we would hide what we really think and feel. As we get older we’re not as bothered by the little things and start to think, “I couldn’t care less”. In our sixties we discover that we can, indeed, care even less and find freedom in expressing it!

It’s great when you really don’t care what other people think. I can break into dance when I hear a song I like in a store. Maybe someone will think I’m a little crazy but they’ll usually smile. Your moment of ‘craziness’ might bring a little joy into their dull day.

I am attracted to men who are little crazy. Just a little, mind you. Not crazy enough to stop cleaning their nails or keeping care their teeth but crazy enough to be funny and spontaneous. Crazy enough to not care if they don’t look manly for two seconds.

It’s your duty as a human being to let your light shine. Down with mediocrity! Bring out your crazy!


4 thoughts on “I Like Crazy.

  1. Yep, exactly that! Not that a million chains would keep my madness in, but I don’t want that any more anyway 😀 As to being seen as ‘crazy’ if you don’t conform to ‘accepted behaviour’, all the best people break the rules so go with it and damn the sheep 😉

  2. I was lucky to be raised by a mother who was a little crazy, whose mother was also a little crazy. I learned to dance from Grandma Tillie, who was not afraid to do it in the grocery store. To this day (I’m 47) I dance and sing along down the aisles. Shopping is so much more fun, when you make others smile because of your crazy.

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