Message to Ellen; Help Me, Please!

Today’s prompt allows us to send a message to anyone in the world. Since so many of you are going to write to the world leaders for peace, that ground is covered.  I’m going to be selfish and send a message to Ellen DeGeneres.

I’ve often tried to send messages on her website begging for tickets to 12 Days of Giveaways, a new car and even renovations but she hasn’t responded yet.  I know I’m Canadian and haven’t done a lot to help the world so that’s two strikes against me. However, today I’m going to take this opportunity to send this message;

“Oh, Ellen, I need help!  I’m 61 years old, living alone, struggling to pay bills and my car needs to be scrapped. I try to be positive but it’s getting harder and harder. I need hope. I need something wonderful to happen to me. I don’t want my family to worry about me or pity me anymore. A new car and a box of money would change my life!  Thank You, Ellen!”

I already feel pathetic asking for that: a new car and box of money would change a lot of people’s lives. Who wouldn’t want that?

I have a house and a job and the bills do get paid; for that I’m grateful.  But I can see myself jumping up and down on the stage with my face in my hands in total surprise at my new car and $20,000! That would sure give me a boost!


I’ll call it ‘visualizing’.