Daily Prompt; July 30- 2014

In January I wrote this blog in response to a ‘prompt’ asking us to ‘dream ahead to July 30th’. Today is July 30th so we can go back to our post and see how it turned out.


Well, not too bad. I knew I was being extremely positive; especially with ‘meeting someone’; but it did say ‘dream’.

I still have my job and today I’m off so that part turned out. On Sunday night there was a tornado in Grand Bend where I work.  Monday morning the store was closed but running on a generator. No one was in the bakery so I started out doing the dishes, as we call it, but it’s stacks of heavy muffin and baking trays, scoops, spatulas, knives, etc.  The tornado had come in about 7:00 p.m. the night before taking the power out for the whole town. One of our part-time teenagers ,who would’ve done the dishes, had been in the bakery by herself when the power went out.

Everything that contained dairy products had to be thrown out. I was asked to stay late and come in early to re-stock. Monday I worked 7 hours, yesterday 6 hours. The point of all this is that  I am so freaking happy to be off today….. this old gal needs to recuperate.

Today is unseasonably cold and cloudy so not a beach day, although it would great for a walk.

I did have a beach day with the kids last week.  My sister tried to find out if we could go to Stony Point beach on the reserve but we ended up all coming to ‘my beach’ which is at the end of ‘my road’.  It wasn’t even too crowded due to the e.coli warnings. So the comment about “all those people peeing in the lake” was somewhat prophetic. Will doesn’t like the water and my niece has common sense; unlike the rest of us.


  1. still have my job.
  2. still like my job.
  3. have the day off today.
  4. had a beach day with the kids.

Not too far off! Like my mother used to say (seriously) “don’t expect too much then you won’t disappointed.”

(I did find a mistake in the post. I can proof-read something a hundred times and read over a mistake.)