Work is not a virtue.

Here’s an old one I’m going to re-blog because it’s been on my mind.

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Retro_Vintage_Ads_-_Altered_Bitch_style_(473)My generation certainly has a better work ethic than what I see today. But sometimes it’s a little too good. Many of us judge ourselves and others by how much work we do. The more we work, they better we are. Or I should say the ‘gooder’ we are. We are OK as long as we are working…. we have something to show for our time. Being lazy is bad. It’s a guilty pleasure we don’t have to tell anyone about.

We see articles about very ‘successful’ people only to find their personal lives lacking, estranged from their own kids, suffering from depression and anxiety. But they are still held up in high esteem for how hard they worked.

Stay-at-home moms, who work as hard or harder than anyone, still hear that they don’t work.  I worked with my husband keeping bees, making beeswax products and working Farmer’s Markets.  I worked all the time, non-stop. …

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The Walker

This song isn’t new; I first heard it when Ellen did her commercial for the Emmy’s (or Grammies or some reward show) and really liked it. It’s one of those songs that can just change my frame of mind and make me more determined to make myself happy…… no one else is going to do it for me!

This summer they added it to the soft rock they play at my grocery store. I work with some very negative people who make will sounds like a demon possessed if I try and talk about being positive. Seriously, the song “Happy” came on, which makes just about everyone feel better but my co-worker sneered, “Yulch… This f*#&ing song bugs the hell out of me.” I laughed out loud!

But I like The Walker even better, I can just dance and feel good out of total defiance! I say take that, you glum bums!