Accepting your aging body

I read a blog from Huffington post this morning from a 59 year old woman who wrote about an experience dating a 55 year old man. Her story was just like one of my worst fantasies about computer dating and why I will never do it. I say ‘one of’ my worst fantasies because the main worst scenario is meeting the person for a date and deciding within 5 minutes I never want to see him again; then having to tell him that, nicely, of course.

But this story is about meeting someone that seemed like he was going to be a great companion, only to find he “can’t be turned on by your aging body.”

It’s hard to maintain a good body image when you are aging. I have to keep telling myself “I’m great for 61” but I have to add that ‘…for 61’ to believe it. Even though I’m not overweight, my skin still hangs looser. My small breasts are a lot farther down on my chest; they used to be almost under my armpits now they are slowly migrating down towards my new, mushy belly. My thighs jiggle and my arms flap. I have almost no eyebrows.

So imagine dating some guy like this who you thought was going to be a great companion and you find out he’s an asshole.

No, I don’t want to go through the ‘trial and error’ of dating. I will meet someone or not; I can love myself. What I would really like is to have a crush on someone.  Someone who won’t be there in the morning!

Procrastination Destination

Today my mouse is working and I’m not. This IS my procrastination destination; my computer and this blogging world.

I got in here a few days ago but couldn’t open any posts, just see the little blurbs at the top. When I opened up WordPress today, I discovered I have been logged in all along….. don’t like that! Today I got to catch up on the blogs I follow.
I lingered on Facebook for an extra long while. The last few days I figured out how to get into Facebook and work my way around it with keyboard shortcuts but couldn’t open any stories from Huffington post or DIY.
This morning I got to read about Raju, an elephant who was in captivity, abused for 50 years then rescued. He shed tears, knowing he was being rescued, and is now is living well at an elephant shelter.

There was a blog from a 59 year old woman who told her story about dating, sex and her aging body. (I’m going to re-post it). She dated a 55 year old who told her he couldn’t get turned on by her aging body; he’d been “spoiled by dating younger women”.
I read a list on how to clean everything and got a recipe for armpit stains. And ‘life-fixes’ like making a cell phone stand out of a toilet paper roll and push pins.
I joined a page announcing a benefit for my neighbour who was recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. It feels like such a weak gesture.

I found out the full moon that just passed was a Super Moon. I did notice the other night, though, that the moon shone so brightly it was casting moon shadows. That was super!

I told myself I was going to really buckle down and do some housework today…….. but there are just a couple more sites I want to check out first……….