OMG… I’m in!

Hello all my fellow bloggers! What’s a blogger without a computer? Not a blogger!

I haven’t been in here for about a week. My computer takes a long time to boot up then there is no mouse. I know I should get it fixed but my car also needs work. On my day off I wrote out two pages of keyboard shortcuts. Everyday I find a way to do another thing.

Let me tell you this is a major feat to be writing right now.  I had an old note somewhere that had the code: Left Alt + Left shift +Numbers Lock  (I can’t ‘highlight’ or get up to the menu so write that code down and save it. Go print up keyboard shortcuts. You will be happy one day you did it.)  I got into Windows help and wrote out the short cuts.  I was ecstatic just to get on-line! I checked my mail and got into Explorer; checked the weather and the local newspaper.

On the Weather Network I got onto their little ‘like us on Facebook’ button and got into Facebook! But once my tab got into the posts it would not go anywhere but down. It just scrolls down and down proving there is, indeed, no end to the crap on Facebook.

So here I am today. I found my way into here and adding a new post! Now what do I say?  HELLO!!!! I’m still here! I miss your posts with my morning coffee so much!

I’ve been working three days a week and sometimes get extra hours as we’ve been so busy at the bakery. I had to get the brakes fixed on my car and found out the frame is rusted so bad its not safe. Getting my computer fixed has been low on my priorities. It means paying a guy to come into my house and fix it because that’s more practical than driving to a city an hour away and leaving it there.

Ohhh. Jeez! I just sent my tab on a run around the block; thought I would never get the cursor back here! But I did confirm I can land it on the ‘Publish’ button.

I hope I can get back on here tomorrow and read some posts. As for today; I’m off, the weather is perfect and I’m going outside.

Happy to find my way back!

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