Daily Prompt; memory pop-ups

As you get older some memories can turn from bad to good.

I recently had a memory moment with my sister. She is four years older than me and did things that most older siblings do to their juniors.  I used to cry and she would get in trouble but ‘kids are kids’ and she had a great imagination. She just couldn’t resist my gullibility in matters such as my being adopted, her clairvoyance or her ability to speak ‘Indian’.

Recently we took “the girls”, (my grandnieces, her grand daughters) to see Rio. There is a scene where some kids are playing (except they are Macaws, birds). An older one has a smaller ones wings and is making him slap himself over and over while saying, “Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!”

My sister and I looked at each other and laughed!……. She did and said that! I clearly remembered her holding my wrists and making me slap my face over and over, ‘don’t hit yourself!’ or ‘why are you hitting yourself?’

Fortunately, I wasn’t that weak and put up a good fight. It was a real struggle for her to get in a hit after the first one but we would wrestle until I started to cry and she got in trouble.

As we got older she became ashamed of the ‘abuse’ she felt she’d given me, although I realized it was just kid’s stuff.

But now that memory along with the memory of that moment in the theatre, of us remembering, makes me laugh! I’ve been using it at work to cheer myself up.

Image (32)

Thanks for the memories, Jen, Cowabunga!


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