Game of Groans; Kim’s Bum

Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.


When I’m on my job in the bakery of a grocery store, being treated like a bad slave that can’t work hard enough, I can’t wait to get up to the lunch room for my 15 minute break so I can look at US magazine and see what the celebrities are doing on their days off. (Some generous person buys these gossip rags and leaves them in the lunchroom; I can’t afford magazines.) In every issue is a photo of Kim Kardashian’s butt.

She is so talented. That video of her and Kanye really showed the depth of her soul. And her voice, so soothing, like music to the ears.


And I just love to see her selfies that she tweets. I don’t have Twitter so I wouldn’t want to miss them. She’s just lovely, and so humble!

butt 1

Take that, Nicki Menaj! Your bum is so yesterday.