Daily Prompt; unapologetic; I love TV!

Oh yeah, I’m ready for this one; I watch a lot of TV!  I love TV and I am totally unapologetic about it!  So there, all you book snobs that think my brain is turning to mush; I watch smart stuff, too!

For one thing; I live alone. My TV habits grew tenfold when I started to live alone.  Living with my husband, TV was a luxury only for night time. We got 5 stations, 3 came in somewhat clearly. The mention of satellite dish would drive him to anger. When I ended up being forced from my home and into my sister’s guest room, I discovered Oprah and Ellen. TV in the daytime! I felt decadent and lazy at first, but I watched it just because I could.

I have always been an old movie buff so having Turner Classic Movies is awesome! https://monicleblog.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/sorry-books-i-love-tcm/

And yes, I pay for HBO.  Game of Thrones, Flight of the Concords, True Detective;  you have to pay for good stuff and I’m willing to work for it. And I want to get my money’s worth so I watch it a lot!

For my sixtieth birthday my family chipped in a bought me a 42″ HD TV. My ex-husband really surprised me with a new receiver and our big, old speakers from the 80’s.  So I have movie quality TV! I’m even ready for and X-box which I want and covet so much but can’t afford.


The other night while eating my dinner I came across Mountain Monsters; a show about a group of men who track down mythical creatures around America. They were a bunch of overweight hunters tracking down the ‘Grassman Of Ohio’; a creature similar to Bigfoot but grassy, wet and smelling of sulphur who lives in the backwoods of Ohio. They were out at night chasing him down when the biggest (fattest, sorry to even say it, but I want you to get the picture) slipped in a creek and got soaking wet. He tried to pull himself together with, “I’m gonna git that sombitch Grassman!”  Now that’s entertainment!

People like to say “oh I don’t watch very much TV”. It’s like when they find out I’m vegetarian and say “oh I only eat a little bit of meat”. Well, I’m not ashamed, I watch a lot of TV and I love it!



6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt; unapologetic; I love TV!

  1. I use to watch a lot of TV. I have my choice shows I watch. I’m the opposite when I was with my ex we watched TV, rent movies the whole nine. When i watch TV I’m never guilty either. BTW Amazon is selling this box Kindle TV I think so you can stream movies. I don’t know much except the box is $99 which is cheaper than an Xbox.

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