Prompt; My Favourite Possesion

That would have to be my house. I wouldn’t say I was really proud of it; it’s a rather modest vinyl-sided cottage built over a trailer but it has a big yard that is nestled into the woods.  I did have large amounts of joy when I first moved in but the work and expense that goes into it has toned that down to a happy security. Almost everyday I think, “Thank God I have this place! I love it here so much!”

Every since I was young it was very important to me to have my own home. When I was 10 years old we moved from a house in a small town to an apartment in Toronto.  I’m sure that’s where it started; listening to my mom lament how much she wanted a yard and garden. We looked down from our balcony onto houses with back yards.

I just deleted hundreds of words about the places I lived that just made me want my own place all the more.  Boyfriends, crazy landlords, no privacy, I’m sure you’ve all been there.  I even owned a place with my husband; ‘the love of my life and our dream home’ for over 25 year but it’s all over now.

(Anyone following Alice Keys blog? She sure makes me remember how much I longed for a home…..  I hope your family finds a place, Alice!)

I ended up in my sister’s guest room at 55 years old.  My niece lived nearby with her husband and they were selling their house just as my settlement was coming in. This area is much cheaper than where my ex-husband still lives so I was able to buy it outright. I knew this place was  just right for me: backed into the woods, it has a wood burning stove and its very private. It just felt like it was meant for me.

There is a path alongside it that runs through the woods to the subdivision where my sister used to live. I remember one day we took a walk from her house, winding through the woods and ending up beside a back yard still 200 feet from the road. I said, “Would it ever be great to have a house like that.”

My sister said, “That’s your house”.

That feeling is still there. That feeling of happiness, relief and security. I could not have landed in a better spot for me. I feel so lucky and I’m so grateful to have this house!

10 thoughts on “Prompt; My Favourite Possesion

  1. This is what I want. My own, I never had my own. I had apartments with my husband and kids. Even had my family house that I was forced to sell in failing economy. I live with a friend and became disabled. Money is very scarce so I can’t afford to find a place of my own. But one day I hope to find the happiness you have found. Happy for you too.

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  3. Hey, 48, single, and loving it here, and I have a similar story. After my divorce I was almost homeless and surely thought I’d never buy a house again. Now, I smile out and into my house every night as I lay in bed and think about how much I appreciate it. You reminded me in the middle of the day. It’s an interesting story how I got my house – so I may have to write about it.

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