I’m still here!

I’ve been treading the waters of mediocrity; working to stay in the same place just to keep from sinking. I just haven’t felt like writing.

Maybe it’s because I have to talk so much on cash. I’m a hermit, by nature, and don’t like the chit chat. However, my job on cash is to connect to each customer and talk to them. Five hours of line-ups with a 15 minute break; phew! that’s a lot of talking.  When I’m in the bakery it feels so good to not have to talk while I work.


I really like the bakery work. I’m still not fast enough for my boss but I’m trying to work as fast and as best as I can.  It is just not easy at 61 years old. My brain lets me down and then I get mad at it. I still feel I have to prove myself worthy of this job.

On Sunday I had four on-the-spot birthday cakes to write on so I was glad I took the time to practice at home;


Today I’m off and spring is finally starting to happen.  Keep your head above water!


4 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. You’re doing yourself a huge injustice! Five hours straight chatting up customers and I’d be a train wreck. And as for the pressure in the bakery, no doubt made worse by a boss with (non-chocolate) chip… That’s heroic, not mediocre, take it from one hermit to another!

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