Lingering, all day today

I haven’t written for weeks now that I have a job. In the words of Liza Dolittle, “it takes up your whole day!”   And I’m not even working full time: working five hours IS a full day for me. This horrendous winter has made driving treacherous, adding to the stress. I have a house and heat with wood, feed my birdies and really make a mess of my kitchen every day. Last week was Spring Break so I had lots of hours on cash covering for vacations. Wednesday I drove in blizzard and could not believe how many people came out to buy groceries. I had the next day off but had to spend all morning shoveling snow, all afternoon cleaning my messy house. I really wanted to see my grandnieces while they were home for the week and see the new house they are moving into so I drove to St. Mary’s on the other day off. Well worth the effort! They make me happy and it was good to get away for the day.

But this week I have 3 days off in a row, starting today. I am lingering on my computer to keep my blog alive. I do read some blogs in the mornings and on days off but haven’t taken the time to write.  I have no ideas so this was the perfect subject. I can keep my brain on ‘linger’.

I’m lingering around in my housecoat still but it almost 9:30 a.m. so it’s time to get into my lounge wear; the clothes between pajamas and ‘town’ clothes. I’m going to linger around the kitchen because I can’t relax in a mess.

My favourite time and place to linger is on my couch in the afternoon sun. And since the time change I can even catch some sun when I come home from work if I’m on 10-3, my favourite shift. Oh my God, I lie in that sun in peace and quiet and feel so grateful.

Working really make you appreciate a day off! I feel I’ve really earned the right to be lazy for a day…… when it’s cleaned up. And two more days off after this.  Linger on!

18 thoughts on “Lingering, all day today

  1. I knew there was a blog missing in my reader and it was YOU! 😉 The weather makes you lazy. I am ready for some sunshine in this Sunshine State as it is called! Winter has lasted too long. I’m just glad I don’t have any snow to shovel!

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