Stood up at an airport

Yep, that’s it in a nutshell. I got stood up at an airport. Let me tell you about George. He was so cute and cuddly. I thought he was the one. He was so nice and warm and he seemed to be as crazy about me as it was about him.

I met him at a friends place up north in Thunder Bay. We were instantly attracted but I had to go back home to Grimsby in Southern Ontario; a two day or crazy 36 hour drive. In those days you could fly up fairly cheap. When there was a canoe trip planned for a weekend, the best way was to fly up.  That’s what I had done when met him.  They next weekend he flew down to Toronto and I drove him to my place. We were so tight. I was smitten and I thought he was, too.

There was another canoe trip arranged for about a month later and I planned on flying up again. We wrote to each other; real letters written on paper and sent in the mail; this was before the internet.

I was telling everyone about the new love of my life and how I was going to see him on this canoe trip. I had stars in my eyes. Another friend from Toronto was flying up with me for the trip, we both expected to be picked up by George and taken to our friends place, north of Thunder Bay.

We landed and looked around but he wasn’t there. We waited for while but he didn’t show up. I found a phone booth and called him. His mother answered and called for him. He answered the phone sounding like he just woke up and was really sleepy.

“Where are you?”

“oh, I didn’t tell you, I got back with my old girlfriend”

We phoned my friend who was hosting the trip. He was a friend of George’s and had expected him to pick us up as he lived an hour’s drive away while George was right in Thunder Bay.

“Sonofabitch, typical George” he said.  We waited for a long time before he could come a get us….. wasting most of his day.

On top of that my ex was on this canoe trip, wanting to share a tent.  But you know what? Now it’s a great story. So remember, all you young people when your heart breaks or something terrible happens….. one day it will be a great story and maybe even funny!

Aging and working

Aging and working

Having a job when you are in your 60’s is not easy. I’m finding that out. I haven’t written a blog in a couple of weeks because I worked 5 days last week. That’s what most people work…. 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.  I can barely do 5 hours and I am so freaking tired. Fortunately, I am back to 3 days a week  on five hour shifts. This is do-able.  I am also learning two jobs; bakery cake decorating and cash.

Yesterday I had my first trial by fire on the cash. It was just before the woman’s hockey game at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The store filled with people stocking up before the game. I had a solid line for about two hours. I’m still looking for the codes of fruits and vegetables on a roll-a-dex with tiny numbers, lost when I get a coupon, learning how to ‘sign off’…. and speaking with each customer. It’s our policy to make eye contact and be really friendly. I can do it and I like it. But when you are going as fast as you can and they are whizzing by…. it’s hard not to see them just as their items to be processed.

I will learn these jobs and get into the swing of things and be able to blog on my days off occasionally. I really enjoyed this article from The Globe and Mail (Toronto, Canada) on working when you are old.

I have today off but I want to go babysit my grand nephew.  I will return!