Starting Again

I haven’t been writing much lately as I just started a new job and we’ve had record amounts of snowfall which is just more work if you own a house. Yesterday I had the day off and it snowed even more. It had snowed all night and ended around 2:00 in the afternoon so I went out to feed the birds, clear my satellite dish and bring in wood. The snow had blown and drifted so it was mid-thigh deep all around the house, making walking major exersize.  First I had to get out to the shed and clear enough space to open the door. I use my chimney cleaning tool which has extensions so I can reach the roof and clear snow away from the dish without getting on a ladder. It’s light and flexible so its easy to get around the dish without wrecking it. However, the only way to do it is pull the snow down on to myself. The drift against the house is up to my crotch.

Next is the bird feeder which is just a little platform for everyone; birds and squirrels. The squirrels had been digging for seed on the feeder and the little junkos where diving into the soft snow, looking for seeds. I cleared the snow off the feeder and cleared the way around it, kicking the fresh snow away down to some old spilled seeds. The squirrels like to hog all the good stuff filling their cheeks with sunflower seeds so I spread the seed around for the ground feeders. The weather as been so bad that my pals the crows are around, too.

 (Crows are a very proud bird and don’t like to go to feeders. If I go to the window they will fly away so I crouch low then get to a spot I can see them without seeing me.  These are very smart birds. I tried to stay away from the kitchen window but they kept one ‘on watch’ for me. When I sat on my livingroom couch, which is on the opposite side of house from the feeder, a crow was sitting on a tree branch looking straight through at me. I really wondered if it could actually see me.)

Back to my snow ordeal. I made my way to the front of the house; just walking is work I tell ya! The snow has been piled around so high but now it’s all blown in. My car is buried. I shoveled the front doorway and steps then just walked back and forth between the car and my house. I shoveled my way to the side of the car and cleared off the top and windows. By this time I was sweating and exhausted and had to go in.

My neighbour has been plowing my driveway because my usual guy has been down with a broken bearing. But my driveway is getting smaller and smaller. I have to make a 15 point turn to turn around.  I really wanted the big guy to cut me some space.  I got his answering machine in the afternoon and stressed the rest of the day and night that he wasn’t available. Finally he called me at 10:00 p.m. to say he’d be there early. He’d been out plowing all afternoon and night.

I got up at 6:00 a.m. to make sure I’d be up to pay him  and he came at 8:00. I’m working at 10:00. So I have to go get ready. If there are mistakes in this, so be it.

Last Monday the owner of the store I work in asked me if I would also go on cash part time. My bakery boss gets first pick at my hours then I get a couple days more on cash. I’m happy about the money but worried how life is going to be working 5 days a week.  This winter has really been brutal so I’m questioning if I can keep it all going.   I don’t know unless I try!