Daily Prompt; My Current Event

Oh, good! A chance to talk about the best news I’ve had in a long time. I got a job. Not only a job but a good job; a job I might even enjoy going to. I’m going to decorate cakes!


I have worked in a bakery before and watched the cake girl have all the fun. Her own station and just cakes….. I coveted that job. Everyday a new creative challenge. Coloured icing, sprinkles, decorations, airbrushes, who wouldn’t want to play with them?  One slow day she let me try to write my name in icing. That is the extent of my experience.

The job posting came in on Saturday night on the eve of a huge snowstorm promising to dump 35- 40 centimetres of snow followed by record-breaking cold temperatures. The posting said ‘apply by fax or in person.’   Who the hell faxes anymore? I tried the Windows fax in my computer but didn’t have a modem.

Sunday morning I awoke to a full blizzard. At least no one else was getting to the store either and the office would be closed. But I wasn’t going to let this stop me, I knew I had to be Working the Fast Lane to get my application in.

I went on Facebook to complain and BAM! two offers to fax it for me. So I e-mailed my resume to Vancouver to a friend who faxed it to Grand Bend for me.

Monday morning the storm had died down somewhat but winds were still whipping snow into whirlwinds creating white-outs.  I started to shovel out my doorways and walkways but it was so cold and the snow was very heavy so I could only handle about 1/2 hour at a time

The snow plow guy has a cell phone but all day I just got the message that “he was not available” and had no answering machine.  That continued into the evening. The next morning, getting the same message, I messaged a friend on Facebook who lives near him to find out if he had a new business number.  She found out his plow was broken down.

I went back on Facebook to complain.  Got another snow plow guys number but his battery was frozen. By now the cold front was in full force with wind chills of -35 C.

So I went on Facebook to complain again. (When you are alone and have no one to complain to, Facebook is great.) While I was updating my status I heard an engine. I ran to the window and there was my neighbour, on the coldest day of all, on a tractor with no cab, plowing me out! I opened the door and waved like a crazy person and he just gave me a half a nod. Hallelujah!

I got all bundled up in my ski pants and arctic wear and went out to shovel my way to the car. 007Again, so cold your skin freezes. I shoveled out my car, cleared it off and ran it for a while.

The next day was clear and I got ready to go. I was very nervous but when I got to the grocery store that was hiring, it was mayhem. Customers, employees and deliveries where just getting out from the storm. I stood in a spot by the customer service desk and filled out application. No one spoke to me or even looked at me. I didn’t feel hopeful.

But they phoned me that afternoon. I went the next morning and had a great interview.  She called me a ‘firecracker’ and ‘really liked my energy!”.  This was mostly caffeine and nerves but I just smiled.  She said it would be a few days as she had other interviews but she called back just a few hours later to say ‘welcome to the team’!

So happy!  I’ve been watching cake decorating videos on YouTube. Tonight the Cake Boss is on. I’m very excited…. I’m on Cloud 9!


Footnote; Working the Fast Lane was about easing the restrictions for immigrants coming into Canada. It was from the London Free Press; (London, Ontario, Canada)http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/13/daily-prompt-current-event/