Get That Thighmaster Away From Me: Why I’m Afraid of Menopause

re-blogging a good article today. I have to say I experienced everything that’s on this very eloquent list. Menopause used to be called “The Change in Life”. It certainly was for me. Thankfully the worst is over; I made out to the other side.


pauseI’m afraid of menopause.

There. I said it.

This is not a baseless fear.   I’ve read a lot of articles about the subject.  All the articles seem to say the same things, and I have no idea which are myth-ish, and which are legit.  If I were to believe everything I read, this is what I’d expect from menopause:

  • I’m going to turn into a ravening harridan, totally irrational, ruled only by my run amok, dying hormones.
  • I will have hot flashes that make me turn bright red and pour flop sweat at the most inconvenient moments, like when I give a presentation to a Board of Directors
  • I will have the sensation of bugs crawling on my skin
  • I’ll get fat and sprout hair where I don’t want it, and lose fat and hair where I do want it
  • I might get a deeper voice and bigger feet

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