The Breaking Bad Blues


For many single people this is a rough week; I know it is for me. So I was happy to see AMC was running a marathon of Breaking Bad. I didn’t watch it when it was running but heard many people rave about how good it was.  The pilot was starting at noon on Boxing Day. Perfect!  I had watched just about all the movies I’d saved on my PVR during the Christmas specials.  I had lots of treats left over from Christmas so I brought in a couple of days of firewood and started watching.

The first day was great; good story, good acting, good food to eat. I’m glad there where commercials because it was hard to do anything else. Every hour they would run very long commercials of starving children or abused animals, pleading with us to open our wallets and help them. Luckily I have no money so I don’t have to feel guilty about not sending any.  I had enough things to do while they were on to avoid looking. A ray of sunshine even broke through the clouds. It’s too low behind a row of cedars in the winter but it came out in a space between two trees and fell right on my spot. It was a very pleasant day and I felt fortunate that I could do what I was doing.

While I was cooking dinner, I’d turn up the volume to try and follow, running into the living room to see what’s going on when there’s music or Spanish. By the evening I was starting to drift off. I’d shake myself awake; didn’t want to miss any because it’s on until 4:00 a.m. so I can’t catch up.  I made until midnight and taped the last four episodes.

The next morning I was kind of blue. I checked the blogs but didn’t want to talk about myself (re; the Daily Prompt), didn’t have any good ideas.  I did some cleaning (I’m still amazed at how much I can mess up my place all by myself) but didn’t feel like watching the episodes I had taped. No way was I starting at 8:00 a.m.   About 11:00 I started to watch all the “previously on Breaking Bad”‘s and fast forwarded through two episodes.

Walter is starting to upset me; his ego is his downfall. That poor kid, Jesse, is getting beaten up so bad.  I’m starting to yell at people on TV. And every hour those pleading eyes staring out at me. ‘Help us!’ Kids with flies on their lips, dogs with eyes bugging out, shaking in fear, (wait a minute; pugs always look like that even when they are being treated like princesses). The skies are grey and I’m out of chips.

The next day I wake up even more depressed. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I would go out into the world and get some chips and see some human beings. Tonight is Zumba; the one and only class for two weeks and I’m going. I need a Zumba fix bad. By this time I’m thinking “to hell with Walter and Gus, I’ll catch up when I get home”.

I went on a chips run to a nearby store; only took a half and hour but I got to talk to the cashier. I haven’t spoken to anyone for three days so I sound kind of crazy. I tell her I’m watching the Breaking Bad Marathon. She tells me she likes The Walking Dead.

Really looking forward to  Zumba, I watched the show while I was getting ready and finally turned it off without taping it.  My porch felt a little slippery. Just wet wood frozen, I thought.  Walking to my car I realized it was raining; confirmed as I reach my car, covered in ice.  Not forecasted at all, just in this special spot. I looked up and let the freezing rain fall on my face and glasses, “NO!” I yelled at the sky, “Noooo!”

I went in, turned on the show and prepared a hot bath. I’m missing chunks of it now so I turned the volume way up and went to relax in the bath. Every episode they will run a long scene just to music. They did that just, a jarring Mariachi number, as I got into the bath then all the conversation was with the Mexican cartel, in Spanish. The TV was on very loud but I don’t know what happened and I didn’t relax well to say the least.

Finally the last day of the marathon. I’m depressed as hell. Luckily my sister visits with my grandniece and brings me back to the real world. After they leave I go to town and get some groceries; to hell with what’s going on with Walter. He’s getting to be a real asshole.

But I turn it on when I get home and try to catch up. This is the last night and I want to see the end. I now have 12 episodes on my PVR that I will save for future times.  About 11:30 I couldn’t take anymore. Walter can get out for $5 million dollars but he won’t. His kids are gone, his wife gets drunk in a dark house.  I just couldn’t watch it one minute longer. I decided to tape the last of it and save it until I caught up. I turned it to The Cheap Detective; a comedy.  I needed to laugh.  (Coincidentally, the man who plays Mike on Breaking Bad, Jonathan Banks, had a walk-on bit part, with no dialogue, playing a cab driver. It was probably his first role.)

Today I’m free!- free from Breaking Bad! I have many episodes, along with the ending, in the Breaking Bad Archives waiting for another time when I have nothing better to do. Thank Goodness that’s not tonight. My sister is hosting a games night so I get to be with people and laugh. Yo, bitches, I need it bad!


3 thoughts on “The Breaking Bad Blues

    • I know what you mean! I still have all those episodes on my PVR. I’m reluctant to get into it again. But today I’m getting snowed in….. this could be the day I slip into the depths of despair.(happy face)

      • I just spoke to my friend in London and she said “it’s a shitty day, nothing fits and I’ve had an entire hour with my mother. I think I’ll get my pyjamas on and watch Breaking Bad” Hahahaha.

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