Your Birthday

all I askI have long thought if I ruled I would make Your Birthday an official holiday for yourself. You would be allowed to take the day off work and do whatever you want. If you have nice friends and families they will bend over to make it the best day you ever had. Cater to your every crazy wish.

macho unicorn(wealth would be nice here) Take you out for your favourite food while you are wearing anything you want to wear. Comfy, outlandish or costumed….. what ever you feel like.

  dress birthdayPeople might look but you would say, ‘it’s My Birthday’ and they would nod , ‘oh, that’s OK then, Happy Birthday!’.

If you want to just stay home and watch TV all day in your most comfortable raggedy clothes and saggy ass underwear, getting totally intoxicated, no one would raise an eyebrow.not doing shit They would even deliver your favourite foods and intoxicants then leave, waving happily, Happy Birthday!

 I know we would have a lot of fakers running around saying it’s their birthday more than once a year but employers have your birthday on record and if you don’t know someone well enough to know their birthday then you don’t have to cater to them.

 alone birthday

As for people dressing whatever way they want in public…… that would be awesome!

Who cares?   It’s YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!

8 thoughts on “Your Birthday

  1. I think that’s a great idea!.I’m all for it! I still want only one birthday a year though. The years are going by far to fast already so I won’t be faking birthdays! LOL

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