Daily Prompt; Dear Santa; I would love an X-box

Covet; that’s a great word. I covet an X-box. All the Joneses have them. Many families who aren’t rich or well off have them. If you have teenagers you probably have one. But I’m an old mature woman and I want one so much covet would better express it. When I see ads for them, I lose myself imagining dancing and jumping. I’m like a little kid staring at the photo, touching it as if it will materialize in front of me. I enter Ellen’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways regularly in hopes of a miracle. I can imagine the little device in my hand with my thumbs going but I can’t imagine what games I’d be playing ….. its a whole new unexplored world!

First I would get the device and unwrap it. I would pull out a brick of Styrofoam and be mad that now I have Styrofoam to deal with. (When are they going to recycle that crap?) I would pull out my receiver and try to figure out where the wires all went. Then I would discover I didn’t have the right wires…..  I need a special gold covered multi wire that I can only get in Sarnia or London, an hours drive.

The next day, after returning from Sarnia, I would try and figure out the wiring. I would spent the rest of the day yelling out stuff like “What the f__k!”  “Mother__ker!” “sonofabiiiitch!”and a lot of other foul expletives that seem to relieve the frustration. Finally I would get it all together, put everything back in place and turn it on.  The TV would say ‘no signal’. Repeat this over and over.

I know this because my ex-husband bought me a receiver to go along with my new HD TV my family bought me for my 60th birthday. I tried 3 sessions of swearing, tears and frustration before I gave up completely. It sat for at least a month before my ex visited me and plugged it into the right place (scoffing at how inept I was). I have my old boss speakers from the 80’s. No, not Bose or Voss, I mean boss as in cool, retro. They are big heavy speakers. I’m still in awe that I can have this theatre in my own living room.

So back to my new X-box. I will get it plugged in and working. I will just plug it into the right hole. Then, no matter how bad the snow is blowing, I can dance or play games or fly an airplane or whatever! I would love to try the Wipeout game, jumping on big blue balls and sliding off into….. I don’t even know! I’m not really interested in stealing cars or shooting people so I’m curious if they have games for people like me; like have a shopping cart and knock off people at Walmart.  I know I would like Dance Fever and Wipeout. But you don’t use the little hand device for that so……  gosh, maybe I want a Wii. I don’t even know!

Forget it Santa; Ellen is my best hope.