Bring Back the Apron

Vintage_Apron_Patterns_0Aprons should be making a big comeback. Certainly cooking is.  People are becoming “Foodies” posting photos of their meals on Facebook.  Men are on TV cooking and wearing aprons.  Entertaining and dining is still popular. So why aren’t more people wearing aprons? Why would someone be embarrassed to be caught in one? (Although I have seen a lot of ugly aprons.)

I really think there is still a stigma about domesticity. In the dark past all women had aprons.  It was just something you put on everyday while doing the chores to keep your dress clean. (yes, they did housework in dresses!)  I love to see the aprons in old movies; they were fabulous! Easily as pretty as the dresses underneath. You didn’t have to be ashamed to seen in your apron. Back then women were be proud of being a good housewife without the scorn of other women.

eat +like

But we don’t look back with scorn on the women who wore aprons. We remember them as a warm, loving place to be. We long to be taken into their arms and assured everything is going to be alright and we are loved. Then given a cookie.  The very picture of unconditional love.

EllynAnn Giesel promotes aprons in a big way.       An apron is an image, it’s iconic.

That’s not to say only women should aprons.  Men have moved out of the old stereotypes and aren’t ashamed to cook. Men can marry each other now so somebody’s got to cook. With the right fabric it doesn’t have to look feminine.  An apron should be unique and express the cook’s personality. That’s how to start a meal being positive; you put on that apron you love.

Let’s bring back aprons. They can be beautiful and fun. You’ll want to keep wearing it as you serve your delicious creations. And you might be just making some good memories.


3 thoughts on “Bring Back the Apron

  1. I made aprons for all my grandchildren for Christmas last year and they all loved them. Ages 3 – 16. Even for the boys. The only one that didn’t get one was the 10 month old. I think their parents were jealous! 😊

  2. Hi there 🙂 I wanted to comment that I really enjoyed this post. I think that aprons are making a comeback. The trick will be to design aprons so that they appeal to all ages. Twenty-something’s, like myself, for example, generally love making a fashion statement, and I think the right design is all it takes. Themed aprons, and knitted aprons – the possibilities are endless!

    May I feature your article on my blog?

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