Stacking firewood

Firewood warms you up three times;  Once when you stack it, once when you carry it into the house and last when you burn it.

Two weeks ago I had firewood delivered. It came in a dump truck and left a large mound at the end of my driveway. I had to cover it with an ugly blue tarp because, of course, it was delivered just before a weekend of rain. Only when I got it all covered did I notice mice had chewed out a corner of the tarp while it was folded in my shed and now that hole was perfectly centred on top of the pile.  I got another little blue tarp and a re-cycling blue box to cover the hole.  Talk about an eyesore.

My wood shed is on the other side of my house, closer to the back door.  Getting that mound moved looked daunting.  I figured; at least I have a few months before it snows so I can just chip away at it.  That’s what I did.  I would take 3 wheelbarrow loads of wood and dump it in the shed, then stack it. (I have to get those ‘log cabin’ ends just right.) I could get 3 or 4 trips done before my back was sore and I was tired. Yep, at 60 you have to pace yourself.

I really like this kind of work, this kind of lifestyle. The simple daily chores of keeping a house and looking after myself….. It’s a whole day!  But it’s a good day, a satisfying day. Almost monastic. However,  I’m looking for a job because I can’t afford this lifestyle. Just owning a house and car costs a lot of money.  I try to spend at least some time for job hunting everyday, but I found when I was out, all I wanted to do was get back and stack firewood.  Just chip away a little more of that pile.  Every day it was nice outside I would try and get at least a couple of loads done.

Yesterday I finished. It’s all stacked neatly in the shed and that ugly blue tarp is folded and hidden away. I was so happy! I just stood and admired it. I took some photos and posted them on Facebook, so pleased with myself that I did this all by myself. I can look and admire it from my bedroom window.

Last night we had a thunderstorm and it poured rain. I had such a cozy feeling with my wood all nicely tucked in.

So there’s a couple of life lessons here;  Sometimes a job seems like it’s just too much, too daunting. But if you can just chip away at it a bit at a time; you’ll surprise yourself how fast it can get done.  And it’s these types of accomplishments that are truly satisfying.


One thought on “Stacking firewood

  1. I needed to read this… that things are working out when a year ago they were much bleaker. I hear that things are tough and not perfect in your words, but they sound do-able and the little (or not so little) good deeds of others are a blessing. I hope the next upcoming year continues the progress.

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